In Just 15 Minutes a Day...

You've tried meditation apps, been to a class or two, or maybe you're completely new to it. You've heard meditation can bring some calm to busy modern life and you want to get into a habit, but it hasn't quite happened yet...we know why.

Different types of meditation suit different people. The key is to discover and learn your personal meditation style - one that suits your life, preferences and personality.

We created this course with this in mind and, as always, deliver it straight to you in an evidence-based, practical way that's easy to apply

After hosting webinars, workshops and working with The Evening Standard, EY, ASICS, Lululemon amongst others, we're diving deeper into helping you meditate regularly and sustainably, at your own pace and in a way you enjoy.

We will guide you through how to meditate, the benefits and advice on keeping up your habit - plus a load of extras, with guided meditations and downloads for you to keep throughout.

Once you've completed it, you can email us for your Mind: Unlocked meditation certificate - to show your successful completion of our course.

The reviews we've been given from our course participants show that people noticed significant benefits, for example they are:

  • Sleeping better;
  • Experiencing a quieter mind;
  • Feeling calmer in their relationships;
  • More productive at work;
  • Using tech more mindfully;
  • Building a regular meditation habit they stick to and enjoy!

All of that for a one-off, lifetime access price of $127, underpinned by our evidence-based, practical style -delivered in 15 minutes a day! It's time to build a good new habit you can stick to.

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An overview of the course:

  • Phase 1: Know if you're doing it "right" - we comprehensively cover the basics, and answer the FAQs everybody has about developing a regular meditation habit.

  • Phase 2: Understand and experience a variety of meditation styles and their scientific research-led benefits, like sleeping better and stressing less.

  • Phase 3: Learn about flow state, mindfulness and habit-building, and design a regular meditation practice that works for your lifestyle after the course.

Course Reviews

Better than Headspace?

“Firstly THANK YOU - this course is incredibly impressive. The content is diverse, engaging, well-explained and researched, and I honestly did not want it to end. I have tried apps like Headspace and Calm, and Deepak Chopra’s meditation course - in comparison I found this course easier to use and more versatile. The guided meditations are really powerful and soothing - well-paced, manageable and the voices are smooth and sophisticated with great intonation (coming from a BBC broadcaster who does this for a living)! My sleep, therefore my well-being has improved. The course also takes the fear out of meditating. No demands for a lot of time, or silence, or a specific time of day - you seriously made meditating a pleasure to relish in. The course has SO MUCH VARIETY with so many options and styles, in an easy to learn package! You incorporate a lot of beautiful creative touches whilst keeping the advice real. I love the scientific parts too to help ground the practice. I would happily do it all over again!”

Author and Broadcaster, UK

Mandeep Rai

“This course shows meditation is open to all whether you are spiritual or not; the benefits extend beyond what meditation can do "for you" to help you be a better person to others too. I found it very grounding and focusing - especially before sleep or for reframing my commute. I was passionate about meditation before I started, but this builds on that. I used to find making room for meditation challenging - even as an experienced meditator - & felt I had to get my head in the right space before I started. I have meditation apps, but as the only course I have taken, it stands in a very different sphere. Having a fixed 15 minute course makes it realistic and practical to do daily (or several times a week, whatever works for you). The truth is it can be done anytime, anywhere, on the move if need be. I felt the guidance on how to meditate to be clear, concise & accessible; and easy to engage with as foundational knowledge that invites you to be curious. The meditations are a GREAT introduction, and build in their variety. It was great to have reading plus audio options within the same platform; the images and highlighted key points made it visually engaging; and I enjoyed both the male and female voices. The sessions covering the benefits of meditating present powerful knowledge in a digestible form and hook you into engaging, with great motivation to practice. I liked the distinctions between flow state and moving meditation, and meditation & mindfulness. I like the emphasis on “making decisions in advance” to cultivate the habit - the idea of scheduling and committing to something in advance, and not flaking! I would recommend this course; it opens up a real-world tool to everyone and makes the practice relatable, accessible, POSSIBLE (for even the skeptical) within a realistic daily time frame. In short, the course sets you up to cultivate a habit, your own structure, and progress in your meditation practice. ”

Presenter & Wellness Coach

Tiffany Soi

“I previously tried Headspace, but this course is a world-away better! I would absolutely recommend, it is worth a lot if it changes the way you approach life, which for me it has. Meditation can make you feel less worried about almost any situation, improve your focus and make you more measured - it doesn't have to be “woo woo” . I was quite attached to being an adrenaline junkie, and thought I would be less effective slowing down and meditating - I have since learned differently! I was impressed at the level of excellence and delivery to such a high standard. The course is relevant, joyful, and explained in such an insightful way, with real understanding of the person taking the course from a beginner’s perspective.”

Project Manager, UK

Sue Haddleton

“As someone with 100 things going on at once, before I started this course I struggled with clearing my head and finding the time to meditate. Since taking this course, I have stopped looking at my phone first thing in the morning, I’ve been sleeping like a baby, and have got more work done in the last two weeks than ever before. There have even been benefits with my family life - my son even said I have stopped getting frustrated with him! Now I look forward to meditating every morning, which I have continued as a habit months after I finished this course.”

Tech Entrepreneur, Australia

Hiten Thakrar

“Meditating regularly has reduced my mental chatter - as a busy mum I feel calmer and more focused because I’m getting the self-care my mind needs. I also use my phone less and my sleep routine has improved. Before this course, I tried various other meditation methods, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, and thought I didn’t have time for a regular practice. This unique course is a complete beginners guide. It explains, evidences and equips you with tools to help with various life challenges. I now look forward to meditating and I’m confident to do it on my own. I can see the hard work that has gone in, it’s the perfect "hand held" method for anyone to develop a regular meditation practice.”

Optometrist, UK

Nina Dhanani

“I'm an experienced meditator but I live a busy and demanding life. I was looking to add variety to my meditation which this course certainly achieved! It's been a huge help. I really enjoyed the later sessions, they are very powerful and interesting. Now I know that there is a whole world of different kinds of meditations to explore and I'm even more committed to meditation now.”

Property Developer, UK

Paul Lanfear

What is included?

  • 15 audio and written content sessions - learn in the way you enjoy

  • 15 guided meditations - discover the styles you enjoy most

  • Downloadable meditations for you to play any time, anywhere

  • Downloadable crib sheets, habit tracker and other bonus PDFs

  • Discussion boards for your coursemate community, and to contact us any time

  • Top meditation FAQs answered and recommendations for our favourite further reading

  • Lifetime access to all future updates to this course!

  • Receive your course completion certificate to share your meditation learnings

  • Our risk free 100% money back guarantee

All this for just $127, underpinned by our evidence-based, practical style, and delivered in 15 minutes a day!

Your Course Guides

Niraj and Jessica

Niraj, entrepreneur and stroke survivor, is Co-Founder of Mind: Unlocked. He is one of London's most in-demand meditation guides and mental well-being speakers, and has led sessions for The London Evening Standard, ASICS, Lululemon, Wanderlust, EY and Seedlip Drinks amongst others. 

After a high-pressure corporate career spanning nearly 10 years in London & Hong Kong, Niraj started his first successful business in 2012. In 2010, between those two career trajectories, he suffered a serious stroke at the age of 30, and an interest in health became an ongoing obsession with learning about health, vitality and neuroscience.

Today Niraj leads the development of Mind: Unlocked and co-leads the European development of Transformative Technology, a Silicon Valley based non-profit, which is the largest global community leveraging technology to raise mental health and emotional well-being.

Co-Founder, Mind: Unlocked 

Jessica is Co-Founder of Mind: Unlocked. She is fascinated about exploring and sharing the positive impact that improving our mental well-being can have on our life fulfillment. She is a meditation teacher, reiki master and speaks about mindset optimisation at international conferences. 

Jessica grew up in London and studied Biology at Bristol University whilst running her first business. She then qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ACA) whilst working in Corporate Finance at a large professional services firm. Working with energised entrepreneurs inspired her to then co-found a UK-based angel investment network and mentor early-stage start-ups.  

Throughout her career, Jessica has explored what makes people feel most fulfilled and purposeful in their lives. She has explored extensive personal development work herself, and believes that no matter what people achieve externally, our mindset hugely affects our quality of life and is something we can work on and improve for ourselves.

Co-Founder, Mind: Unlocked

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: How is this course different? 

A: In just 15 minutes a day you will have started meditating every day; overcome the main stumbling blocks that apps don’t guide you through; get a comprehensive understanding and experience of a few different styles of meditation and their specific practical benefits; and be guided through how to put it all together to effortlessly design your personal way of practicing meditation and mindfulness to specifically suit your lifestyle. And of course, everything is underpinned by the Mind: Unlocked evidence-based, no mumbo jumbo, practical style of sharing. We’ve scoured the market of meditation courses and not seen anything else quite like this. That's why we built it!


Q: How is it delivered?

A: Over the 21 days you will receive a total of 15 modules, carefully designed to layer the learnings so that it's easy to follow. Each module contains a few minutes of audio covering that day's core concept, a completely new fully guided meditation (yes, for each module!) relevant to that module's learnings and a written summary. We may have one or two bonus surprises too.


Q: What style of meditation is it? 

A: This is where we're really different. We don't adhere to one style. We'll introduce a number of styles and highlight their main evidence-backed benefits, so you get to experience a range of meditative practices, understand what they're good for and then you can choose what works for you. 


Q: I’ve tried meditating before but thoughts kept coming up in my head. Is that normal or can I just not meditate?

A: Often we think meditating requires us to "clear our minds" or "stop our thoughts" when that's not necessarily the case. It's very normal for thoughts to keep coming up during meditation, especially when starting out. We cover this topic in the course and are confident that we can help you discover meditative techniques that work for you.


Q: Who is this course for? 

A: Our courses and workshops are practical, secular and evidence based. There is no pre-requirement for knowledge about meditation or mindfulness to get the full benefits of this course. Equally, experienced meditators looking to learn about new styles or for answers to previously unanswered questions would also find it useful.

Please take note of our Medical & Mental Health statements. If you are dealing with a mental health condition beyond what is considered to be typical urban life levels of stress, anxiety etc then this Mind:Unlocked course may not be suitable for you and we strongly advise you to seek specialist guidance, which we do not offer.


Q: Do I need any special equipment to do the course?

A: We will guide you through everything you need to get started but in short the answer is - no! Meditation doesn’t require fancy or special equipment. For the course you just need a relatively calm, comfortable space to listen and an internet-enabled device to open the course modules. 


Q: Can I do it faster / slower than 21 days? 

A: Yes! This is a fully flexible program that you can go through at your own pace. We recommend 21 days because it breaks it down into three themed weeks that take around than 15 minutes per module (including guided meditation time) but you are welcome to do it faster. We also appreciate there may be some days where life gets in the way, but we recommend doing the course in 21 days to help you start embedding a regular habit. Buying this course gives you access to it whenever you want it. 


Q: Can I download the meditations?

A: A few of the key course meditations will be downloadable so that you have some guided meditations with you to use whenever you like. You will have access to everything from inside the course so you will always have full access to everything that way. We will also point you to some places where we find some of our favourite guided meditations (yes, meditation guides also like to be guided!). 


Q: What if I just don't like it? 

A:  Once you make your purchase you will have lifetime access to every iteration of this course as we update it over time, so the risk is very low.

If, for any reason, you're not happy with your purchase, simply email me at within 30 days, and I'll give you all of your money back. We'll let you keep your course login access details and refund you 100%.

Still got a question? Email us directly at

Our 30 Day Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase "Meditation: Unlocked - Build Your Personal Habit in 21 Days" you will receive lifetime access to the latest version of the course. 

We trust you'll start experiencing the multiple benefits of regular meditation during and after your course; and you'll enjoy and sense the care and work that has gone into creating this. 

If however, for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, simply email us at within 30 days, and I'll give you all of your money back. That's our no-fuss, 100% money back guarantee.

Mind: Unlocked's position on meditation, mental health & medication.

Mental health -  if you are  dealing with a mental health condition beyond what is considered to be typical urban life levels of stress, anxiety etc, then this Mind: Unlocked course may not be suitable for you and we strongly advise you to seek specialist guidance, which we do not offer. Please read NICE Guidelines: Common mental health problems identification and care. 

Meditation has been proven to help with a number of mental health and medical conditions, but this must be overseen and administered directly to you by a specialist. If you think this applies to you please seek specialist help via your doctor. The UK’s mental health charity Mind or your local mental health charity may also be able to offer guidance. 

Medical disclaimer - our M:U team, teachers, facilitators or ambassadors, do not diagnose, treat or offer advice for any medical or mental health conditions, and therefore we do not recommend any changes in medication or attitudes that could potentially worsen your condition.